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Social Media Marketing

Before you create a social media marketing plan, it’s important to conduct a social media audit. Taking stock of your current social media accounts and networks, as well as the number and efficacy of users and owners”

Understand who your customer is and where to find them online. My audience is comprised of women aged 25 to 35, so the primary social networks I should focus on (at least initially) are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Create a mission statement
for each social profile’s purpose, tying this back to your business goals. Ex: I will use Twitter for customer service in order to promote customer loyalty.

Set a goal for each social profile and identify benchmarks for success. Ex: I want to increase new follower count on Facebook by 50 each month to amplify my brand and drive foot traffic to my brick-and mortar business.

Develop a content strategy
for each profile. Ex: I want to post 2 unique images on Instagram each day to increase engagement and positive sentiment around my brand.

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